We are once again bring you a project on Razoo.com. We’re looking for local businesses, residence and business partners to assist us in helping individuals and families on the street. As we meet and count our community’s unsheltered individuals, your donation of will allow us to provide warm items such as thick warm blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, thick socks, food bags and even fast food gift cards. Fast food gift cards would allow an individual to be a paying customer and sit down to warm meal and stay out the cold for a while. These items are of great need to the homeless community as many of them are extremely limited to or no income and they are striving to stay warm in the cold winter months.  

We are also working to assist some participants with acquiring needed health care, and making application for Medicaid. One of our biggest challenges this is trying to reach different healthcare providers to apply for healthcare for them. Paperwork consumes a lot of our time as being homeless it's difficult to follow their medical paperwork trail. 

Again, we cannot begin to express the depth of our gratitude to your faculty and staff for assisting us with helping the families in our NWI community who are desperately in need. Your generous donation is truly appreciated. Donations are being accepted on our Facebook page under We Care For Our Community, just click the DONATE button on the left side or copy and paste the link below in your URL box to see how you can help someone less fortunate than yourself.

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​ Remember No Donation Is Too Small
  We are seeking donations for the following:

Gloves                                 Blankets                          Thick Socks                           Fast Food Gift Card
Package of 20                 Package of                      10 Pack of                              15 Pack of 30
$60.00 Donation           $100.00 Donation         $125.00 Donation              $150.00 Donation

Care Packages            Hat and Scarves                Winter Coats                      Emergency Housing 
Package of 30              Package of 20                      Package of 15                     $500.00 Donation
$150.00 Donation      $160.00 Donation               $375.00 Donation

                                      3 Easy steps to donate to We Care For Our Community 

1. Type in Razoo.com in your URL
2. Type in We Care For Our Community
3. Click We Care For Our Community profile and see how you can donate winter wear

We Care For Our Community Moblie Outreach Program
Can Goods Donated By Matt Kolanoski
and The U.A.W. Local Team At Ford Motor Company
Clothing Donated By NWI Residents, P.A.W.'s,
Habitat For Humanity, Walmart, Last Chance Overstock and Various Other Community Supporters
Men and Women Shoes/ Boots Donation By Yale Business Center
Men and Women Clothing, Boots, Purses and Bedding Donated By Bridges to Wellness
Hats and Scraves Donated By United Way