We Care from the Heart provides complete assessments for all program
    participants. This helps to identify those things that may be preventing the 
    individual from experiencing a quality lifestyle. 

    We Care from the Heart's Caring Hearts Supportive Services Program
   Our health enhancement program establishes a partnership among the client, We  
   Care staff, and the primary care physician that is designed to improve the             
   participant's overall healthcare.

    The goals of this program include:
  • Help participants to access healthcare services and education.
  • Reduce unnecessary medical crisis.
  • Provide ongoing support for participants with chronic illness(es).
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices and well-being to help individuals age with pride and dignity.
  • Provide crisis intervention services to participants by collaborating with local area hospitals, home health agencies, and physicians.
  • Make the Medicaid application process easier/faster for the client.

Community Adoption Program 

Claudia's Closet Clothing Donation Program