Hello and welcome To We Care From The Heart Social Services. My name is Dianne Craft and I am the founder of this great agency. We Care From The Heart Social Services has provided quality community social service programs to Northwest Indiana for twelve years. As advocates, we have a strong passion to provide help and community services to individuals and families with a strong focus on assisting children, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Here at We Care From The Heart, we truly care about people. Our hearts motivate us to feel their pain and that moves us to extend ourselves, on their behalf. We truly live up to our name. Our staff is constantly researching and creating programs while juggling administrative tasks. As the agency's consultant, the most favorite part of my job is working in the field, actually going to visit the clients and their families in their homes. 

Our agency consists of hardworking, dedicated staff members including:

  • Front Office Staff
  • Intake Specialists
  • Case Managers
  • A Homecare/Companion Team
  • Homemakers
  • Fundraisers
  • Telemarketers
  • A Clothes Drive Donation Team
  • Dedicated Board of Directors

Our agency has a strong network of collaborative partners that assists us in providing the best community service programs available for our NWI community. As a result, we are able to act as a crisis center and handles crisis in a very timely manner. Our goal is to provide a variety of services under one umbrella so that no matter what a person needs, we can help.

Our Medicaid application and qualification program provides NWI residents with assistance in not only applying for Medicaid, but helping them to qualify for Medicaid.  We help you understand the Medicaid language and documents needed to qualify and successfully obtain Medicaid coverage.

Through our agency’s comprehensive healthcare services, outreach programs, and education programs, I vision a time when all people, regardless of their ethnicity, finances, beliefs and citizenship will be provided basic health care and community services throughout their lifespan.
Currently, we're assisting two of our clients in making their dreams come true.  One, who suffers from a debilitating disease which has greatly altered her and her family's lifestyle.  We are hoping to get a home donated for this family so that we can make it handicapped accessible for her.  She is currently unable to gain access out of her bedroom to the remainder of the apartment and as a result, she cooks and prepares her family's meals from her bedroom and in order for her and her two kids to interact together, they must do so from her bedroom.  It is our goal to help provide this family with a safe and handicapped accessible home so that as they deal with the effects of this disease, they can love and support one another.

Another of our clients is now paralyzed after a shooting incident.  He is currently cared for by his wife , but she may be forced to leave the country because of certain circumstances.  He works out regularly at the local YMCA as part of his physical therapy. If his wife is forced to leave the country, he will need someone to assist with this. We want to help this client with his dream to live, to be able to continue his workouts at the YMCA and to get around in the community, but he will need transportation and someone to assist him during workouts. This is just a couple of examples of how we are working to make dreams come true for our residents.

If you are interested in learning more about Make A Dream Come True and our Community Adoption Program's, please call our agency at (219) 933-7111.  

Dianne Craft
Board Consultant

We Care From The Heart